View from Sky Tower Auckland


During my travels to New Zealand I was fortunate to take a trip up the Sky Tower in Auckland, the Southern Hemisphere’s tallest structure. I had the opportunity to jump off it but my nerves got the better of me, I did however walk around the outside of it, which was totally amazing and worth the nerves, I do wish however that I jumped off … maybe next time.

This photograph wasn’t taken from the outside but was taken from the viewing level, I need to make adjustments as the image was very blue and grey due to the windows around it.

Camera settings:

Aperture – f/9.0

Shutter speed – 1/250

ISO – 400

I don’t usually like to make adjustments, but on this shot I decided to put it through Adobe Camera Raw to make some, in order to pull out the colours which included adding in a slight vignette and adjustments made to the saturation to boost the colour rather than take it away.  I also gave it a little extra exposure (Original image shown below)





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