Welcome to my blog.  I will be regularly updating it with musings of a balding, sports mad, educator of media, my discussions will be varied, my tutorials will be mainly on media production but also different ways to use technology.

If you have any sensible, and polite questions or comments please feel free to add them and I will of course endeavour to respond to everyone of them.

All discussions on this site will be my own opinions and under no circumstance reflect the opinions of any of the organisations I am involved with.


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My name is David Borrow, primarily I am a father and a husband.  Family to me is the most important aspect of my life and everything I do, I do with them in mind.

My day job, has been, for a huge part of my life, 17 years to be precise, until recently was as a lecturer of media in further education (FE). I genuinely believe FE has an important role to play in the UK’s “Big Society”, however, at present is being run pretty poorly. Currently, I have had a little change in direction, although, draw on my teaching and training skills to develop digital learning resources using software suites such as Adobe CC, Camtasia and Articulate.

My trade, so to speak, is as a documentary film maker and enjoy every aspect of the media and production process.  After interviewing many, sports stars and entertainers I am always looking for my next challenge.

I consider myself a sports fan, I have a love of all sports and have pretty much an opinion on many, however, rugby is my main passion.  I feel truly blessed everyday for every opportunity that has come my way.

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